Site Deployment & Web Publishing Options

Wordpress CMS Website

WordPress Dashboard WordPress is a powerful CMS with an intuitive, easy to learn interface.

It empowers your website in many ways, including allowing you to easily manage the content on your site, and access to plugins, extensions, and pre-made themes if you don’t want or need a custom design.

This means that even if you’re on a tight budget, have a big or small website in mind, or want an easy to use platform for your blog, WordPress can still work for you.

  • Is WordPress for me?

    If updating your own content and extending the functionality of your website are high priorities, then a CMS site built with WordPress may be for you.

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Jekyll Static Website

Jekyll LogoJekyll is a very fast, very powerful static site builder.

A static site built with Jekyll allows all the benefits of theming, modern code and frameworks just as a CMS like WordPress does, but no database or server side scripting are needed.

That means your website is lightning fast, secure, and doesn’t rely on any specific server configurations.

  • Is a static site for me?

    If your vision for your website is clear, simple, and you don’t need heavily data-driven functionality, a static site may be for you.

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Features available for all sites

  • Speed & Ease-of-use

    • Sites are tested and optimized
    • Fast & user-friendly
    • As accessible as you want
  • Google Fonts & Font Awesome

    • Flexible, scalable fonts & icons
    • Many of each to choose from
    • Google fonts can be used for web & print
  • Responsive layouts

    • The desktop is no longer king
    • Go mobile-first if you want to
    • Look great on all devices, static or CMS
  • API & Widget Integrations

    • Showcase your best social media feed
    • Let users subscribe to your newsletter
    • Embed your great YouTube content


Let’s work together - If you don’t see your preferred CMS or technology listed above, don’t fret. I’m not afraid of unfamiliar territory, and am willing to learn, or simply take an advisor role if you so desire.

If any of these solutions interest you, please reach out and we can make something work.