Think on the Clock is the trade name of Matt MacIntyre, a bespoke WordPress and front-end web developer based in Nova Scotia, Canada. I aim to work with and cater to small business in the Maritimes, but am open to other opportunities as well.

Services offered include–but are not limited to–custom WordPress theme development, front-end development, UI design and development.


Over the years, I’ve built innumerable sites, including multiple iterations of my own blog, and many professional sites, ranging from functional additions or updates, to building countless sites–both static and CMS enabled–from the ground up.

Much of my professional work has been done through Highland Multimedia, and I continue to contribute to projects there when I can.

Brief Portfolio

Some sites that I’m particularly proud to have been a part of there include:

Other Projects

Recently, RentGorilla was launched as a Canada-wide solution for connecting landlords and renters. I’m also the front-end developer and a partner there.

What’s with the name?

This is sort of inside baseball, but the short version of a slightly longer story is that it has its origin in the lyrics to a song, called The Frowning of a Lifetime–which is itself a reference to The Simpsons–by a band called Hey Mercedes.

The line in the song was:

Kelly got caught thinking on the clock

The line got stuck in my head. A lot. It resonated with me because–as trivial as it sounds–I liked to spend a lot of my time thinking. That may not be the meaning that was intended by the song, but that was what it inspired in me.

Everyone thinks. All the time.

Particularly, I enjoy thinking about and solving problems, finding the best solution for a given project on the web, and learning about new technologies. Seemed like an appropriate name to adopt.

I used it for my first modern blog, which is apparently still up. It followed me to my personal twitter account, where it needed to be shortened to Think on the Clock.

It was then used for a few iterations of WordPress based blogs and sites, and I’ll continue to use it for most ventures in some form or another.